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Check In Information

It’s time to be making plans for your arrival in Kansas City!  We want you to get the most out of your convention experience so we have expanded registration times to allow you to get your materials early, and then plan your convention days.  On Tuesday, Sept. 2, you can register from 3pm to 7pm.  Then, after you have planned you stay, why not use the rest of the day to visit some (or all!) of the 5 local hobby shops.  And, of course, after that, enjoy some famous Kansas City-style barbecue.

On Wednesday, Sept.3, registration opens at 7am for vendors and at 9am for convention attendees.  Remember that layout tours begin at noon on Wednesday, so you’ll want to get your concvention materials in time to make choices for the day’s touring.

All registration, both vendors and convention attendees, takes place at the Overland Park Convention Center.  Registration tables will be on the upper level, right outside of the Exhibition Center.  This area can be easily accessed via walkways from the Sheraton Hotel lobby and from the Convention Center north entrance and up the escalator.

All vendors and all modular layouts will be located inside the Exhibition Center.  Most clinics will take place in the Sheraton Hotel which is attached to the Convention Center by both open and closed walkways.  The contest and a few clinics on Friday will be located in the lower level of the Convention Center.

We'll see you soon in Kansas City!